entry - result announcement

Thank you all for your valuable projects! It is a great joy for us that this new Quadro 21 initiative benefits from such a great interest from young artists.

The Commission, composed of members of the Quadro 21 team and the curators Diana Marincu and Anca Mihuleț, had a hard time deciding in favor of a single project out of the 21 proposed.

In the evaluation of the projects, the commission took into consideration the following criteria: the originality of the artist, the integration of the project in its endeavor, the congruence between the presented concept and the visual material, the novelty of the proposal, the contribution of the project to the diversification of the local scene (Cluj, Romania) and the feasibility of the project, and its use of the given space.

We are pleased to announce the winning project, "Apparatus" by the artist Alexandra Mereuţi, who we warmly congratulate.

Alexandra's proposal is based on an in-depth visual research on how the  tools of image creation (the pencil, the camera) represent the world. The artist finds that these, instead of acting as mere records of reality, become autonomous ways of representation.

In the following period, Quadro 21, together with Alexandra Mereuţi, will start the project’s implementation, the exhibition enjoying complete support from our gallery, both logistical, communicational and organizational, and will be open to the public from the 4th of April until the 4th of May.

We thank all the applicants and we are at your disposal for feedback on all the submitted projects via email or  by setting up a meeting at office@quadro21.com.