Spirits of a century. The Ádám Kovács collection exhibition

The Cluj-Napoca Art Museum and Quadro Gallery invite the public to visit the Spirits of a century. The Ádám Kovács collection exhibition, open until March 17th.
The Spirits of a century exhibition reunites over 100 artworks from the Ádám Kovács collection, Budapest, the works being displayed in two separate venues: at the Cluj-Napoca Art Museum and at Quadro Gallery.  Four Quadro 21 Gallery artists are featured in this impressive exhibition: Alexandru Antik Sándor, Laurențiu Ruță, Nemere Kerezsi and Gábor Szörtsey. 
The works exhibited at the Cluj Napoca Art Museum can be seen from Wednesday to Sunday between 10 - 17 and the exhibits at the Quadro Gallery can be seen from Monday to Saturday, between 10 - 18.
For more information, please visit www.galeriaquadro.ro