Opening: 2.12.2020
Exhibition: 3.12.2020-29.01.2021

"When I found out about the call I thought of submitting some of my paintings. I later went to revisit the space and make an imaginary selection of the ones I had in my studio. But there I saw the chimney - kind of hard to miss it since it is right in the middle of the room. The chimney has a small double door which I opened, stuck my head in, looked down, but couldn’t see any ending of because of the darkness. That’s how I came up with the starting idea of the project." - Andrei Sclifos

Dogma by Andrei Sclifos is the exhibition project that won the second edition of Quadro 21 Gallery’s entry [╦łentri] programme. The programme is aimed at strengthening the dialogue between artists, the Gallery and the public and encouraging the diversification of the Cluj art scene by promoting young artists.