Artists: Alexandru Antik Sándor, Lorena Cocioni, Maje Mellin, Bernice Nauta

Opening: 9.10.2020, 19:00

Exhibition: 12.10-20.11.2020

The “Rooms” exhibition is a group show in which artists self-curate their own shows by each “inhabiting” one room of the gallery.

The original intention of the exhibition which was planned to open in May is to give back to each artist the main voice in their exhibition and thus to rethink the artist-gallery-curator relationship. Thus, the intention of the show is to address the problematic net of today’s art world, the status of the art and artist in it.

However, the lookdown caused not only the delay of the exhibition but surely had an influence also on the meanings it can gather.

Four artists from Romania, the Netherlands, and Germany, from different generations and working in a variety of mediums will open their rooms for the visitor. Whether these rooms are thought as an existential space, open studio or metaphors of the universe, they will surely represent precise statements on how the artist live, create and position themselves at this specific and challenging moment in history.