Quadro 21 artists in the Departures from the Sphere exhibition

Artists: Floriama Cândea, George Crîngașu, Horia Damian, Sorin Neamțu, Mihai Plătică, Laurențiu Ruță, Catrinel Săbăciag, Ioana Vreme Moser

Curator: Georgiana Buț

The exhibition brings together 8 artists from different generations who use various means of expression such as photography, drawing, sculpture, video and installation and work with conventional and atypical materials, such as electronic components or biological materials. The works have as a starting point the artistic experiment and offer different possibilities of interaction that allow the viewer to recreate the amazement experienced by the artist or researcher at the time of discovery.
Organised by: Scientifica.

Open until October 1st at the Franciscan Monastery, Cluj-Napoca. (Museum Square - Émile Zola 2).

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