Bernice Nauta x ROOMS

What forms can a body take if it wouldn’t want to be itself? Bernice Nauta (Deventer, 1991) is dealing with the self-contradictory nature of humans and their ability to continuously change. In her recent works she is approaching the room as a character. The ‘Hello Echo’ drawing series brings forward a figure so contained by the space it’s inhabiting that it ends up morphing into the room itself. The space becomes a reflection of the self and the echo a mediator between the two.
Her contribution, together with Maje Mellin (Gehrden, 1991), to the ‘Rooms’ exhibition, will follow the concept of the artwork as a space which will also host Maje’s artworks. It shows us how the autonomy of our lives has been torn by the current events.

Bernice Nauta, Hello Echo, 2019, pencil on paper, 29,7 x 21 cm

The “Rooms” exhibition is a planned group show in which artists will self-curate their own shows by each “inhabiting” one room of the gallery. The intention is to give back to each artist the main voice in their exhibition and thus to rethink the artist-gallery-curator relationship. The exhibition was originally planned to open in May but we now hope to be able to mount it later this year. It will certainly look different from how it was initially projected.
The experience of having to stay within the confines of one’s own room, brain and heart, or more generally speaking of inhabiting our art, will mean that society, and the Earth itself, will acquire new dimensions – and we are looking forward to discovering and making room for them.