Alexandru Antik x ROOMS

“When the curiosity of critics is interested only in the artists’ underwear, without identifying his real metabolisms, then you have to ignore it or to disguise yourself in a prudish appearance.” - Alexandru Antik

In 2000, on the occasion of the visit of French curators and critics to the artists' workshops in Cluj, Alexandru Antik greeted the delegation with the installation "Fluxus is an open door" in the front of his closed studio. The simple installation is improvised from elements whose meanings refer to the beginnings of conceptual art, from Duchamp's box and closed-door to Beuys' cane and the slogan "Fluxus is an open door", which the artist spotted in a catalogue about the Fluxus movement and which can be attributed to Ben Vautier.
To this complex of references, the artist adds his statement, stuck to the closed door to greet the visitor.
The artist has always been concerned with the status of the creative process and the artist, and instead of participating in the entertainment of the art world, he constantly challenges other players in the art scene to contribute by their means, regardless of whether the artist went for a walk and left his cane at the entrance, or is inside the studio.

Recently, the artist received a new impetus from the slogan "Fluxus is an open door", continuing the statement of the initial installation, through quick annotations of his thoughts and positions about the condition of the artist and the mechanisms of the art scene. We will publish them in upcoming posts.

Alexandru Antik, Fluxus is an open door, 2000, installation