Dan Beudean x ROOMS

Just as in Romania it has become obligatory to be in possession of a pro-forma declaration of the purpose of your outing if you wish to leave the house, so, for Dan Beudean, it was characteristic that he should copy the standard form by drawing it, thus uniting everyday life with the regular practice of his art.
Our gallery had been planning, this May, to mount an exhibition entitled “Rooms”, a group show in which artists would self-curate their own shows by each “inhabiting” one room of the gallery. The intention was to give back to each artist the main voice in their exhibition and thus to rethink the artist-gallery-curator relationship. We still hope to be able to hold the show later this year, although it will certainly look different from how it was initially planned. The experience of having to stay within the confines of one’s own room, brain and heart, or more generally speaking inhabiting our art, will mean that society, and the Earth itself, will acquire new dimensions – and we are looking forward to discovering and making room for them.