MUZEUL ÎNTRE BARE started as a facebook event, on 3 February 2017 as an initiative to participate in the anticorruption protests.


(Description of the project, 23 February)

These days, Romanian society goes through an intense process of reconfiguration. Positive energy, humor, willingness to change, ingenuity, solidarity and the peaceful manifestation of the dignity of masses represent a few characteristics of this process.

We want to engage our present states of consciousness, while they are still active, to change society for the better, using the means of a museum.


who we are

MUZEUL ÎNTRE BARE is initiated by  Z Angles contemporary art gallery in Cluj [later renamed Quadro 21 Gallery]. The collection of the museum will be temporarily stored by the gallery, the alienation of any parts being excluded. MUZEUL ÎNTRE BARE will become the owner of donated materials, the moment it becomes a legal entity.


what are we doing

We achieve a museum of creativity of protests.

The very concept of the museum must be challenged. It is not enough to collect and expose relics of events. The best exhibitions of these materials are not to be made afterwards. They are developing, directly in the street and on social networks. From these, we learn!

We have to find ways to work with this collection, so as not to empty it of meanings, not to distort it.

We want to fulfill museum functions (collection, conservation and education), remaining fresh and open in our activity.


museum made on the run

The museum is a participatory approach, involving as many protesters, to know and to directly collect both visual manifestations, stories and thoughts that accompany them. At the same time, we ourselves collect, attending events and talking to people. Events give us an intensive course in self-knowledge and knowledge of current Romania.


the museum team

The museum is done by all of us who participate through donation, by sending the message to others, creating a network of protesters involved in conceiving the museum, committing us to keep the democratic nature of demonstrations.


collect! share! donate!

We expect your stories and visual materials or any material that you consider to be creative, interesting and representative in our facebook page. Thus, we create a virtual archive and maintain the flame of protests.

To donate materials effectively (also accompanied by your story), please contact us via Facebook message or e-mail: Thus, the museum's collection is being created.


what is accepted in the collection

Any material that you consider representative, such as posters, placards, slogans, interventions in public space, mini-protests in private spaces, clothing, memes, gifs, electronic games, improvised musical instruments, documentation of ephemeral manifestations (e.g., photographs or recordings of writings  in the snow), flash mobs, etc.

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