Quadro 21 Gallery

Preview: 23rd of May 2019

Exhibition: 24th of May - 13th of July 2019 

Curator: Székely Sebestyén György


The ability of photograms to record physical phenomena in real time and frequently without authorial intervention is something that Laurențiu Ruță has been exploring in depth throughout his career, starting with the years when he was studying at the School of Fine Arts in Timișoara, followed by a period of intense creativity in the 1980s, and to which he has returned from 2015 until the present day.

The aim of the current exhibition is to give a full presentation of the role of photographic experimentation in Ruță’s work by combining a historical approach to his oeuvre with an experimental one, thus echoing his own attitude and giving the show a performative and participatory twist.

The earliest photograms displayed in the exhibition date from the years when Ruță, studying design in Cluj, was affected by the atmosphere of effervescent creativity of Atelier 35, an area devoted to young artists and directed by the artist Ana Lupaș. 

For almost three decades, up until 2015, Ruță was to gave up his photographic experiments entirely, concentrating instead on the study of form and continuing with the constructivist experiments that have been a constant feature of his career.

In November 2015 he started again with what we may term a long-term workshop performance: an extensive series of micro-experiments that focused on the study of the fluidity of bodies. In these experiments the artist is frequently a participant and not merely an observer, generating forms and images rather than simply capturing them.

In the spirit of the artist’s creative flux, the exhibition is an example of the kind of performance that is brought to the gallery and before the public straight from the studio, without any final form in view.