Quadro 21 is a contemporary art gallery in Cluj, Romania. We are involved in supporting artistic creation by contributing to its production and integration into society, and through promoting it by means of cultural and commercial activities and through artistic patronage.


Our Vision

Art is an essential means of coming to know the world and one’s own self, and as such it has a major role to play in present day society, characterised as it is by significant changes. What could formerly be described as ‘the viewing public’ has now become the art community, made up of people for whom artistic creativity represents a vital aspect of how they discover, understand and live their lives. This community is involved in the development of society and contributes to social cohesion. The Gallery is part of this ecosystem as it promotes fresh values and provides a platform for encounter and communication.


Our Mission

- To develop a diverse portfolio of artists and to promote them on the international stage.

- Our portfolio will have room both for creatives, working away individually in their studios, and for people for whom art is a dialogue with society and who play a direct role in bringing about social change.

- Integrating our activities into the life of the community by means of exhibitions, publications, talks, educational programmes, and in other ways.

- Providing direct support to artists via scholarship programmes, artist-in-residence schemes, financing production costs and in other ways.

- We wish to focus on the specifically Eastern European contexts of art in recent decades. Whereas certain works have become well-known globally, we believe that the contexts in which they came into existence are not sufficiently understood.

- Encouraging curatorial initiatives that spring directly from the practice of art and involve cross-disciplinary approaches. With this in mind, our plan is that our research projects, exhibitions and other programmes should involve partnerships not only with art historians and curators but also with artists themselves, academics, and people from other domains.


Quadro 21 was founded by the art historian and curator Sebestyén Székely. The Gallery is part of the Quadro art centre in Cluj, which has grown from the Quadro gallery of modern art, founded in 2008.